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The following myths and stereotypings are, no matter how silly and   inconceivable, alas still quite common and stubborn so they do need   to be addressed...


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  Indians were still living in the stone age before white people arrived in America  

White people/Europeans conquered the Indians thanks to their superior weapons

Indians used to tie people to totem poles to torture them

Indians never invented the wheel

The mistreatment of Indians is something of the past so we need to forgive and forget and move on

Indians are all very rich thanks to their casino's

Reservations are sovereign nations

Indians used to smoke cannabis in their peace pipes

Indians need to thank the Whiteman for cars and computers because of it wasn't for us they'd still be living in teepee's and hunting buffalo

Reservations were necessary because of the growing tensions between Indians and white settlers.

Yes, we know that Indians today are only 2% of the US population but there are far more Indians about now than there were before Columbus


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