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 "Indians are all very rich thanks to their casino's"

  Again, an appalling display of blatant ignorance. It's true that   many tribes have tried the casino thing but they were also   sometimes forced to get into this business. However, building   some fancy casino is certainly no guarantee for revenue if at all.   Take any kind of reservation in the middle of nowhere. How is   their casino supposed to run if not in the vacinity of a city where   the customers are supposed to come from? Are all people even   willing to gamble with their hardearned money to start with? And   doesn't it make the financial situation just worse if you've built it   and no money comes in but you still have to pay the loan back to   have it built, including the fancy furnuture, one-arm bandits,   roulette tables, etc.? The Seminole tribe was the first to start this,   starting out with bingo, which eventually grew into a multi-million   dollar business, but that doesn't necessarily mean that other   tribes have been equally successful. Becasue fact is that 90% of   all the profits that US Indian casino's make only go to 5 tribes,   making poverty a still existing pendamic among the Indian   population.



  If Indians were all as wealthy as some people think they   are, then how come that many people also assume they   "work at McDonalds" where wages are low? Or that people   assume Indians need to go for those clothes in the store that   are on special offer? So you can clearly see how one   stereotyping is not even consistent with the other. For the   observant reader it should be obvious that it looses all of its   credibility this way.

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