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 Reason probably is that America wants   to get rid of this major embarassment   and what better way than to hide it all   or even erase it? If we're not careful   and don't start making some good   noise now, the Indian will disappear   through assimulation and other slow   genocide into many of the American   museums as no more than a memory   and the curators will do everything in   their power to escape responsibility   and misrepresent the Indians to fit   their own convenience as there will be   no real Indian left to protest these   ideas anymore. And of course these   museums like the one on the left here   only show the past, biased or not.,   because that's what museums are for,   to show the past and to show history,   but that is not what   we want. We   want a future for Indians and we   need all the help we can get for this.   so remember, just because you don't   hear about Indians, that doesn't   mean nothing is happening in Indian   land. We just need to consult the   Indian webpages to know about this   because mainstream media are   showing no interest most of the time.   For those who want to know what is   really happening TODAY I refer to the

National Museum of the American Indian  Washington DC

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