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"The mistreatment of Indians is something of the past, so we need to forgive and forget and move on"

  Remarks exaclty like this one, and this even came from my own   Canadian relatives, is why I started the topic "The invisible Indian"   because apparently too many people only know Indians from the   history books. They all know what happened but they don't know   what happens. "Forgetting" is still a different matter but "moving on"   would only be possible if we do something about the arears in the   human rights issues that are still unsolved. For what forgiving and   forgetting is concerned, I just cannot speak for Indians, and different   Indians will also feel different about it. Some want to forgive in order   to heal as they say it but unfortunately it changes nothing about the   present situations I think, and neither do any apologies from our   part. Anyone who knows something about the civil rights movement

  is aware of all the news that constantly keeps going   unreported in the mainstream media. The poverty, the   despair, the unemployment, the health problems, the poor   housing conditions, the erears in the education system,   it's all in the present now. We're not talking about the   19th century Indian Wars here. We're talking here and   now, we're talking 21st century. It is quite hard to break

through the wall of ignorance if hardly anybody is willing to listen.

  Way too many people think Indians "are doing all right now" because   they "don't hear about them anymore". Well, maybe some of them may   be doing ok, but you would really need a magnifying glass to find any   who haven't experienced some level of poverty at some times of their   lives. Generally this is not believed if this truth is expressed because of   the general idea that Indians are "getting rich thanks to their casino's",   get "free education" or "pay no taxes". The main reason people don't   know is because most of the media have decided to ignore Indians.

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