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  The Romans believed they had to "civllize the long-   haired Celts" in Gaul and Britannia, same as   European Christians believed they had to "civlize"   Native Americans without even first trying to find out   what their culture was all about. But if the civilization   of the Romans was really so wonderful, we wouldn't   have had the political assassinations like on Julius   Caesar of the decadent and gruesome   extravagancies of the likes of Caligula, nor would the   revolt by Spartacus ever have been necessary if the   slaves had been treated so wonderfully.

  Sure they had a great bathing culture   which is a fine thing to have been   introduced in other parts of Europe but   sadly it was all done by means of   conquest. Sometimes there can be more   important things to think of to class as   civilized, even in a time when human   rights did not exist yet. In terms of   inventions, science and engineering the   Inca's, Aztecs and Mayans were pretty   much on the same level as the Romans   were as they too had their pipe lines,   aqueducts, temples, calendars, etc. That   other tribes in the Americas didn't build   any cities shouldn't really matter in this.

  To the Romans, the Celts were savages. The Celts were later forced to embrace Roman culture,   and be "civlized" into Roman culture by being given the opportunity to become a Roman citizen,   otherwise they'd be slaves. Later on everybody in Europe was Christianized and it didn't matter   anymore, as with the discovery of other continents, nobody in Europe was considered savage   anymore now but now it was those of another race or who were not Christians like them. But   like I said, there are more important things to consider in a civilization or culture than just   inventions and technology or a complex society. I would think that the way people treat other   people and family ties are much more important than all this. Would anyone disagree with that?

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