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"White people/Europeans conquered the Indians thanks to their superior weapons"

  First of all, let me point out right   away that the very use of   words like in the above is   already indicative of the way of   speech of supremacists. They'll   say "conquer" where it should be   murder and genocide and their   use of the word "superior" where   they could have said "better"   and also very much typical of   people who think of themselves   of some kind of demi- gods.

  Yes, it is indeed quite feasable   that the armour the Spanish   conquistadores were wearing   were inpenetrable to the Mayan   and Aztec warriors and at their   disadvantage as were were   European diseases like smallpox,   but this in no way explains the   eventual defeat, because still the   Aztecs have managed to give   Cortes his Noche Triste and the   Apaches have managed to keep   white people off their territories   for 100 years on end. Also, the   fact that Europeans introduces   fire arms in the Americans   doesn't mean that Indians never   had them or used them so that   were this statement ultimately   falls short.

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