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"Indians were still living in the stone age before white people arrived in America"


Though Christopher Columbus himself never set foot on American soil, what Hérnan Cortés and the other Spanish conquistadores saw was a highly developed civilization with cities much bigger than the European ones of that same era (15th century). So where does this silly idea that they were living in the "stone age" come from then? Regardless of the fact that all peoples have once been living in a stone age anyway it is just really sad it is being used as a condescending term and also used to justify and glorify something utterly reprehensible like colonialism and imperialism. It's kind or weird anyway that some people regard a civilization as "highly developed" if it is very complex and are adding more value to it as opposed to a civilization that is more simplistic.

I wouldn't want to call his "stone age"

Would you?


But why should complicated always be better? It's seems like science and technology have become the new religion to some people but everything created or invented by humans have their limitations. Whether we want it or not, we are all subject to nature's law in the end. But anyway, my point is that people need to stop using degenerating terms towards other peoples and think of themselves as all high and mighty, because remember, gods do not walk on two legs, eat, sleep or die.

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