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"Indians need to thank the Whiteman for cars and computers because if it wasn't for us you'd still be living in teepee's and hunting buffalo"


These kind of comments I have seen more often than I would have cared for to see. Not only do they ex-press blatant ignorance of the worst kind, they're also extremely insensitive and insulting. Of course it doesn't need to be any surprise to anyone that re-marks like this come from "white nationalists", who always conveniently deny to be white supremacists. First of all, I really do not think that people who have been murdered, raped, stolen from, exploited, margi-nalised, conned, downtrodden and excluded have anything at all to be thankful for towards white people. Then also, anyone being on about the teepee's and buffalo thing is only displaying ignorance towards the very people he is actually

addressing. Thinking that all Indians lived in teepee's is an incorrect stereotype. And there were plenty of tribes who had nothing at all to do with buffalo. Pueblo Indians like the Zuni, the Tewa and the Hopi have always lived in houses, and never hunted bufallo. They had agriculture, growing corn and other crops and hunted some deer to add to their diet. And have any of you white nationalists noticed that we're all living in the 21st century now? That all of us, white and coloured, now have cars, phones, electricity and computers? So if you think that it is "traditional" for Indians to "live in teepees and hunt buffalo", you really have the wrong idea about traditional, and not only that, but with your ideas, you ought to think that the Amish have to be the very definition of ingratitude for deliberately lving in a past age where television, electricity and cars are forbidden in their communities. It's not me who thinks so though, because I think the Amish have a right to live the way they want to live according to what their religion dictates them. So who do white people have to thanks then? We all had these inventions thrown into our laps, whoever we are. All you white people wouldn't have had a clue about electricity and computers if it wasn't for somebody else inventing it for us, who just happened to be white, but your own contribution to these inventions was zero, which the many medieval centuries of ignorance only proves. The times when failing crops and disease were caused by witchcraft, when women had no soul, when earth was flat, when you could take

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