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"Reservations were necessary because of the growing tensions between Indians and white people"


Actually, it is very strange to notice that even today the erecting of reservations is still being justified. And even outside the Wikipedia I have found webpages that claim that it was "necessary at the time to have reservations because of the growing tensions between Indians and white settlers". But if you have two parties having a dispute on either side of the fence you contain just one? Is that considered fair, balanced and neutral? Or like someone said on youtube "It was necessary to contain Indians in order to stop them from killing white people". Well, it shouldn't be any surprise to anyone that the Indians saw white settlers as invaders, wouldn't you? It's like today vigilant American minutemen see Mexicans as invaders and have even shot some of them for it. Basically however, if they'd be honest about it, people thought Indians were in the way of "progress" like railroads or of the goldrush idiots who wanted to make a fortune while many of them didn't and died trying. And also, POWC (prisoner of war camps) shouldn't include women and children either, that makes no sense. No, obviously we can conclude seeing the historical facts as they are, that 19th century Europeans and earlier to that, basically saw things in a simplistic, chauvinistic and dualistic way like "we civilized white people" and "them the savages".

President Ulysses Grant. It was under his government that the reservation policy started


And this conviently took care of things to always be "right" about everything, no matter what. Sure there have been white people who realized the Indians were wronged but they couldn't really make any difference facing an overall racist white majority themselves.

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