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I need people!



By Theo van Rossum

According to the statistics, most people watching my website are from the Netherlands and the predominant region of Dutch people watching my website are from the region of Kudelstaart and Amsterdam coming second. I am of course very happy about them showing this interest in my website but I do hope however that some of them will also be willing to do more than just having an interest in Native American issues, because I desperately need people to join my organisation. I have so far expressed my views on this website as much as I possibly can so that people can decide for themselves whether they will agree with these views or not, but I really do need people to help me out as I soon will no longer be able to cope with it all on my own. First, let me list the ethics to which I've decided to abide to:

  The ethics to abide to

  The activities and my personal   wishlist

  We do what the Indians want

  English, Spanish, Portuguese

  About Christian missions

  Documentaries and youtube video's

  Peaceful and civilized

  Writing letters

  The new age rip off

  Creative demonstrations


  Public Relations (PR)

  No hemp promotion

  Do something

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