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I need people!


We do what the Indians want

First of all we always need to respect our target group, meaning that we cannot just draw our own agenda or follow our own ideas in trying to help Indians as it might not be the help they wish to get. If we are for excample christians, which the undersigned isn'st by the way, we can of course help Indians out of sincere compassion and even be inspired and led by our religion, which no one can have anything against, but doesn't mean that we have a right to think we should teach them anything or teach them about Jesus. In this day and age plenty of Indians already know about Jesus so it's nothing new to them anyway. People need to get rid of the idea that they always need to teach people something, because who says we're right in what we believe? In short: we are just the supporters and they (the Indians) will call the shots and decide what we can and cannot do.  After all it is basically their struggle and you also wouldn't want to get patronized like you're a little child. And so this also goes for Indian people.


About Christian missions

The undersigned is no christian himself, but I have however nothing against christians. On the contrary even, most charities were erected by christians and they do very good work. Though that doesn't necessarily mean they are all sincere. But what I want to avoid is that were going to get involved into any fake/charities, charities that are either keeping the problem in tact for personal or religious gain or targeted on converting people or to "teach them about Jesus" with the idea that they'd be "ignorant" or that we can teach them because we think there's something "missing in their lives" about a culture that isn't even ours, let alone that we can even judge about it. My pesonal opinion about religion is that man has to come to religion on

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