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The new age rip off

We also are to respect the cultures in question and not harm them or steal them by ways of various paid (new age) sweatlosge ceremonies and such. We also will not adopt any (fake) "Indian names" or "dress up like Indians". I will never tolerate such clowns in my organisation. I have already expressed what I think about his in my article "About playing Indians". And could also now add to this the "Declaration of War" at the end of my article "Is the new age harm-less?" So for those who are in search of Native American spirituality, they've really come the wrong door when approaching my organisation, because my main activity is about human rights. And human rights organisations by definition are never into the "Lakota way", the dolphins, the rainbows, goddesses and cute little things like that.



We are never going to lecture Indians about anything whatsoever or get involved in any internal disputes that they themselves can be having. Not even when we're standing up for our own native friends. Because we are not Indians this will never be appreciated (in my experience) and will eventually lead to them losing their respect for us.

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