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I need people!


No hemp promotion

It doesn't matter how marvelous we may find this plant, not even when we're only talking about its industrial value like clothing, building materials, rope, food, oil, medicine or fuel or that the founding fathers were also growing it, hemp just happens to have this bad reputation that forever links it to marihuana and pot so are definately not going to promote or discuss it, It will certainly not yield any respect for us we'd like to specifically distance ourselves from the hippy culture please. Thank you.


.It doesn't matter who is helping me help Indians... christians, muslims, buddhists, hindus, wiccans, pagans, jews, atheists, agnostics, man, woman, or whatever ethnic background you may have, as long as everyone is helping from a sincere "calling" to want to support Indians. As long as we can agree on the aforementioned ethicial principles we can always discuss the details and details do not always really matter.


Let me now eleborate on what kind of people I'm looking for:

First of all everyone is welcome who is willing to do something, little or much, big thing or little things, passively or actively, that all doesn't matter to me as long as something's going to happen. Some people don't feel like participating in demonstrations, but that's perfectly ok, because there are plenty of things to be done from our arm chair as well, Others only want to contribute in donations. That too is more than appreciated. But of course I have my own personal wishlist with special wiishes of some co-activists. See next page....


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