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I need people!

The activities and my personal wishlist


English, Spanish and Portuguese

I would really find it marvelous to be able to find people who can speak one or more of the above languages in order to make communication with natives and authorities in the countries where they live in the western hemisphere easier. I myself can only speak English reasonably well even though I'm seriously engaging in learning Spanish and Portuguese.


Documentaries and youtube video's

I also would find it fantastic to find people who are in the possession of a good video camera and who are willing to travel to American countries for documentaries and/or film our activi-ties and domonstrations over here in the Netherlands. Also the creation of youtube video's will be very much appreciated.


En uiteraard zullen briefschrijfacties (heel belangrijk!) ten aller tijden gewaardeerd worden, per brief of per e-mail.And without question


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