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I need people!


Creative demonstrations

It is also absolutely necessary to put Indian activism on the map and in a higher progile because accoriding to newspaper articles activism is kind of dorment in this country and Indians therefore are becoming a forgotten group. In short: what Indians are still missing is a higher profile and more effective PR worldwide because many still don't know what is going on so it's high time to finally wake them up! Therefore I really need creative people who are talented in organising these kind of events or have some experience with it (or just want to participate). You will be more than welcome so please contact me about this.



Public Relations (PR)

It has always been my personal wish to highlight things that are getting no or only little attention but deserve to have it never-the-less. It appears that many are active for one Leonard Peltier and that most organisations are eternally and (almost) solely focused on Pine Ridge and the Lakota people, and this often at the expense of other "problem reservations". Therefore I would really find it fantastic if I could find people are are good at PR or have some experience with organising PR activities.

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