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I need people!

  his own free will and not religion to come to man. Converting people is not really something that´s going to live in the heart but is merely a way of "talking someone into it" where the person in question can always be deciding later on to step out of it when hes been giving it some thought, so then the "conversion" was never even real to begin with. Already many Indians are christians but there are also those that are called traditional Indians, meaning that they still follow the old spiritual beliefs. And they have a right to be as at all times this will be a personal choice and we are certainly not going to get involved in this.

Peaceful and civilized

The peace-symbol above is certainly not meant to represent the well-known hippy-version of it but just a decent and civilized basic principle that's honourable and not primitive. And also, regarding this respect, we are to refrain from militant activism at all times. Militant activism (violence, profanities and/or vandalism) will only embarass the Indians and start to detest our so-called "support" so we're not going to do that. we also are not going to insult the authorities and countries that we believe are mistreating Indians, even though it is understandable that we can feel outrages as passionate activists about the injustices. Surely we will not shy away froj criticising them when we have to, but we will still stay polite at all times. Because otherwise things will only be counterproductive and no will be listening to us. And the last thing we want is to appear on some list of "terrorist organisations".

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