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  Sacred Earth


  The fist project undertaken by NDN Support to support the protection of sacred Native American sites and to draw needed attention to the issue

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Today in a scaringly fast pace many sacred sites all across the United States are under threat of being destoyed and some already have been destroyed as we speak. Destruction of sacred, religious or spiritual sites strikes at the very heart of Native American people and all is done in the name of money and profit. Many people do not understand or are able to grasp why certain mountains, rivers and other places in nature are sacred to some people. Nature religions however are the oldest on this planet and all peoples, no matter how "advanced" they actually think they are, will have had ancestors who understood the connection of the Earth with the Human Being and why life is sacred. This ancient wisdom is really what I'm calling it and not some-

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  thing to be frowned upon by ignorant modern man. No amount of technology will ever take away the ancient truths and it doesn't matter what we humans in our pride want to invent in ways of inventions, technology, laws, ideas, and structures, they will always be artificial and flawed and in the end the Nature's laws are going to prevail because as we are part of Nature we also are subject to Nature. The typical western idea that man is able to "overcome" or "conquer" Nature is a myth that in its downright ignorance has been responsible for the destruction of much of the natural world. It doesn't matter how many ingenious cities and infrastructures we create, it is indisputable to basis common sense that we will forever be dependent on Nature and subject to Her laws, simple because of the fact that we are and forever will be part of Nature. All the materials that we use come from Her anyway. And seeing the universal aspect of Earth Religions and Nature Spirituality we also need to keep in mind that it's not just a mere local or tribal issue, but something that will eventually effect us all!

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