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  Stop Snow Bowl: Flagstaff Arizona

  The issue: Snowbowl is a ski resort in Flagstaff, Arizona. So far however, most of the twin mountains were still in tact, untill the owner of Snowball, Mr Eric Borowsky, decided to extent this ski resort by adding artificial snow, made from sewage. It is therefore that this type of  
fake snow has been nicknamed "poopsnow" by activists. It of course takes little imagination that there is a health hazard involved. This as well as an environmental problem, namely the pollution it will cause and the clearcutting that has been done of ancient trees and it's effect on the animals that live there. And then of course there is the spiritual issue that effect Native American culture right in its very heart, because this mountain happens to sacred to quite a number of tribes. Recently Brenda Norell found out that Facebook has been censoring her information about Eric Blowosky, namely  

That's him! Eric Blowosky

that he doesn't even live in Flagstaff! Well, what do you know. That was quite a revelation because it shows how little he must care about the whole case. On the true snow website you can read everything about the lawsuit being filed against Snowbowl. The twin mountains are called the San Francisco Twin Peaks (do not get confused with the city of San Francisco in California). As being said this mountain is very sacred and right now the Native American communities have really lost their patience about the destruction and even survival of their cultures.

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Write to:

USDA Forest Service

Office of Tribal Relations

To the attention of: Ericka Luna

1400 Independence Avenue SW

Washington DC 2050-1160

or e-mail

or phone

Fred Clarck

Forest Service Office of Tribal Relations



or phone


To the attention of Ericka Luna

Office of Tribal Relations


I want to express my deep concerns about the fatal destruction of the Arizona Twin Peaks and its absolutely irreversible impact on the environment, the American national heritage and the devastating effect that strikes at the very heart of Native American culture. Can anyone destroy the Bassilique in Rome and get away with it? The the Great Mosque in Mecca? The Taj Mahal in India? Shouldn't there finally be a stop to over 200 years of forced assimilation and cultural genocide of Native American culture and spirituality? Can't we just decide that mountains who do not carry enough snow for unlimited human recreation were never suitable to be ski resorts in the first place? Can people go skateboarding or picnicking in just every church available to them? The clearcutting of ancient trees for the "recycling" of sewage is incomprehensible to say the least. Please urgently reconsider the irreversbile impact of the Snowbowl plans that future generations will forever regret.




Thank you for listening

Yours sincerely

(your name)

No desecration for your recreation!


Bear Butte