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  The Tarsands Pipeline


The issue: A project started in 2008 called Keystone XL Tarsands has, in spite of re-peated protesting in an early stage already, been set in motion. Many, including the New York Times and Friends of the Earth are questioning this project and fearing its irreversible and disastrous environmental impact. The plan is to have a pipeline of enormous proportions going through various US states to Alberta in Canada all the way to the Guld of Mexico, you know, where we already had enough problems with the BP oil spill? And Keystone didn't really have such a good reputation either, knowing that Keystone 1 has had 12 spills in 12 months


time, not really a reassuring history, also for the other locations in the world where this controversial company has been active. Question that we need to ask oursel-ves, do we really need this oil from Canada? What is going to happen to agricul-tural land and to drinking water for million sof people? But, you must have guessed it, they came up with the rather predictable number one argument here: "job creation". Wow, where did we hear this buzz word be-fore, so popular with the multinationals? And we know


from experience that those jobs will never be permanent, let alone that it has to be kind of daring to able to create jobs in a time of serious economic recession. So much for credibilty.


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