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When science goes racist

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  by Theo van Rossum

  There have already been many ways of   whitewashing and shifting responsibility before but   the most extreme one is about taking no   responsibility at all by claiming that "white people   were the First Americans". We're not talking about   the Founding Fathers now but about hundreds of   thousands of years ago. Discoveries of human   remains and scientist pondering on their origins.

Peņon Woman

Kennewick Man


Quite curious however is how frequent these pseudo-scientific findings turn up on non-neutral and white supremacist websites like those of Stormfront. And not too surprisingly the same articles that deal with either Kennewick Man or Peņon Woman or both often also speak of the Ainu people of Japan being "caucasoid" too. However, blood tests as well as DNA tests have already refuted that the Ainu are caucasoid and that their DNA resembles those that are found in Tibet and not in Spain like previously claimed. Naturally for anyone to have some credibility, especially in the scientific field, shouldn't stay behind in new findings and discoveries or present anything that is completely outdated. Already with the first findings of Kennewick Man as wel as Peņon Woman it was suggested by scientist that they would have descended from the Ainu people, who are indigenous to Japan, as they supposedly showed a lot of resemblence. But ok, today we know that the Ainu are not caucasoid (white) so this misleading information should no longer even be around on the internet anymore but unfortuanately however, it still is!

Another claim that was brought in by a lot of scientists was that white people would have a narrow skull and that coloured people would have broader skulls. Well, nobody needs to be a professor to know that this is complete nonsense. I know some white people who have full moon faces and also black people from a country like Somalia or even de Masai of Kenya and Tansania have skulls that are practically even narrower than ours.  And not even all scientist are buying this crap. Some say that all early peoples had narrow skulls.

And another thing is DNA. As we as human beings all came from one single source, it needs to be obvious that DNA will be less significant in determining someone's "race", especially to those modern thinking people who believe in evolution. If we believe that races came into being through evolution, isn't it then quite obvious that there were less races in the distant past and that sharing other DNA will only be more likely?

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