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When science goes racist


So therefore I can think we can suspect that some scientist have a racist agenda hidden in their sleeves when they are trying to prove that "white people were the first to arrive in America". Do we actually know how long white people have existed after the first humans appeared? Remember that we're all supposed to come from the very same family tree so dividing people into different races has not really too much credibility at these early stages in the development of mankind.


Then there are still the many websites around that claim that British actor Patrick Stewart, best known for his role as Captain Jean-Luc Picard in the Star Trek series The Next Generation, is an exact look-alike of Kennewick Man. Maybe I'm the odd one out here and silly me for that but I fail to see it? His eyes are different and the mouth of the ancient one is more protubing. The only thing I see some resemblance in is the shape of the nose to be honest. Ask yourself if you couldn't see Picard, can you imagine that face say "boldly go where no man has gone before" or "Engage number one"? I certainly don't but with face number two I can. On the left you see the reconstruction of the face of Kennewick Man. The Kennewick Man skeleton was found in 1996 near Kennewick at the bank of the Columbia River in the US state of Washington . The first scientists having a look at the skull already determined that it was caucasian, going by the idea of the typical long skull. However, not all scientists agree with this idea though. Some claim that ALL early peoples had long skulls anyway, and like I've said before, in the very distant past, especially by evolutionary standards, there must have been fewer human races than there are now, so any resemblence of DNA would be more likely to apply to almost anyone. Also it was very soon suggested that Kennewick Man descended from the Ainu, a very old and indigenous people on the island of Hokkaido in Japan. Especially in the past Europeans used to believe that the Ainu were related to white people becaue of their bigger noses and more hairy bodies.

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