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When science goes racist

The Ainu people of Hokkaido, Japan: some people still believe they are "caucasian" or white (girl on the left has a tattood moustache)


Peņon Woman was found in Mexico in 1959 and at the time was dated as no older than 5,000 years while more recent carbon techniques estimate her at 13,000 old. This would mean she is the oldest skeleton ever to be found in the Americas. And it's still odd how even today that many websites, not only the white supremacist ones, but also scientific ones still keep claiming that

both Kennewick Man and Peņon Woman, who are believed to descend from the Ainu people according to their DNA, are caucasian while that has already been refuted by the latest findings. But the Ainu are definitely not caucasian. And to make matters even more complicated, after the discovery of Peņon Woman two more skulls have been found there, and they believe that Peņon Woman 3 descends from Aboriginal Australians. This must have been a real blow to the white supremacist's wishful thinking that white people would have been the "first Americans". In ancient Europe, before the coming of christianity, Europeans used to believe in many gods, meaning they were polytheistic. One of those religions is Asatru, also known as Odinism because of their chief god Odin, who had only one eye. It's a Nordic religion originating from Scandinavia, that's in the north of Europe,

Reconstruction of the face of Peņon Woman

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