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Yes, it may all seem kind of childish to actually have a black and a green list, but it sure does give some needed clearity as to what we actually stand for. For the sake of honesty it should be obvious what we support and what we certainly do not want to support and with every fight and struggle it is paramount to name the good and the bad guys by name as we go along. I already had made a Hall of Fame and Hall of Shame but here it's about   organisations and companies.


The Green List


The Black List




Survival International



  or Youth With A Mission

WHO THEY ARE: An organisation that stands up for the rights of tribal people world wide WHY: For exposing the true intention of mining companies like British Vedanta who terrorize native people in India and for exposing Youth With A Mission about their double agenda in Brazil. They are not in the habit of pleasing the mainstream media of any governments.


WHO THEY ARE: A Canadian fundamentalist christian organi-sation WHY: Because of not answering e-mails (always a ve-ry bad sign for any organisation that wants to be taken se-riously), for ma-king a fake documentary about children alle-gedly being "burried alive" by tribes in the Amazon forest. This documentary was called HAKANI and featured a little girl by that name who was alegedly rescued but in fact actually kidnapped in order to be adopted by a christian family.





WHO THEY ARE: A direct outcome organisation that provides aid and relief in emergency situations WHY: For exposing the practices of Central Energy Cooperative and not backing down to their demand to take video's down to that effect.

WHO THEY ARE: The world's largest energy company(Cana-dian) WHY: For not caring about human beings or the envi-ronment at their mining activities in Arizona and simulta-neously refusing to cover the up the uranium mines after that are now either filled with either contaminated rainwater or have the toxic yellow dust be blown away by the wind. As the world's largest energy company working worldwide they ob-viously only care about money. Serious birth defects in sheep as well as hu-mans have occurred and the radioactive water also appeared to contain many heavy metals and way above safe levels. This can rightfully classed as a Crime Against Humanity, which makes this company a criminal organisation.



American Indian Movement GGC

WHO THEY ARE: Describing the AIM movement would be too much to sum up in this little space but an extensive profile can be found at  WHY: A


Central Electric Cooperative

WHO THEY ARE: Canadian electricity company WHY: For cut-ting of customers days before freezing temperatures and blizzard conditions at Crow Creek Reservation in South Dako-ta, forcing poor people to pay full bills that they cannot afford and lying to Can-Do about making a settlement. All they wan-ted from Can-Do is to take their video's off but as no agree-ment had been reached and the power was never restored that cold winter in 2009, Can-Do had every right to keep those video's up. CEC violated their own policy by cutting off power to people with low incomes and medical conditions, many of them war veterans. Also state laws had been violated but they got away with that seeing they even got the assistence of the IRS in it.


Chiquita Banana

WHO THEY ARE: Chiquita Bananas, formerly known as the United Fruit Company is an American company, specialized in tropical fruits. WHY: It has had a history of exploiting wor-kers, operating in countries where workers are exploited, financially supporting coups and military troops that killed people, but Chiquita was only interested in securing it's mar-ket. Through the actvities of Chiquita the term "banana repu-blic" was invented to label those Latin American countries that have unwillingly been forced into dependence of this US company. In short: Chiquita literally has blood on its hands.