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  My name is Theo van Rossum and I live in the Netherlands.   I have always had a profound interest in human rights   issues,  earth religions and native peoples. My ideas for   this website came about when I realized how little people   really know  about Native Anmericans and how little of   what I ever heard about them was true, but above all how   little their problems are known and systematically being   swept under the carpet.

  Feeling basically unhappy with the lack of profound   progress aid organizations are making and the disputes   between various Dutch organizations who claim to be   helping Indians I decided on a new approach and having  

NDN Support

Supporting the indigenous struggle in the Americas

  myself been advised by some Indian people who themselves have experience in activism and   have done some good research as well. Because there is one thing we always need to   understand, and that is that wehenever we want to be helping Indian people we likewise need   them to help us with that, because they know more about these issues than we do and   already too many people have been wanting to help in their own way which will often not be   the kind of help that is really needed or wanted.

  More about this you can read in the topic The Purpose of this Website.

  DISCLAIMER: I do not and never will promote cannabis, militant action, Christianisation, sweat   lodges, vision quests or sun dances for any non-indians or new agers as this website is simply not   the right place for this information nor will I ever cooperate with these kind of commericial money   venturing spiritual rip off enterprises.

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