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The History of Redbone

the world's first native rockband


Redbone was the first ever native rockband and on your right you can see the original members of the band, before drummer Pete DePoe left the band to take care of his family. Four young men who had  been mistreated for being Indians decided to start a rockband in order to express the issues and make it known to the world. "Redbone" is the Cajun (from French-speaking people in the south of the US) word for a half breed Indian person.

We Europeans were unaware of it that their number one hit in the European charts was actually banned back in the States for being "too political".


From left to right: Pat Vegas, Tony Bellamy, Lolly Vegas and Pete DePoe

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This song was called "We were all Wounded at Wounded Knee" and over here it was frequently heard on the radio at the time. Not so in America, you know, that country that so much prides itself for it "free speech" and being part of the "free world" and "defender or democracy worldwide".



Here's an interview with Pat Vegas, who was the lead singer of Redbone. The European appreciation was an unexpected success but unfortunately, it's in America where the issues are so our enthusiasm and sympathy with native Indians didn't change much back in the US, but however did inspire a lot of activists to support and work for Indians.


We were all wounded at Wounded Knee



This was in 1973, when Pete had already left the band.


The Witch Queen of New Orleans



Notice the drumstick on guitar spooky intro by Tony