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Activism: What can I do to help?



by Theo van Rossum

I really hope that people of all the pages they want to visit on this website will especially want to visit this one because that will be a sign of real compassion as opposed to just being curious about certain topics that deal with Native Americans so therefore many kudos to those who have clicked on this page.

Some people that I meet say "Oh, that's all very sad, but there is nothing we can do about it" (ignore those, they are of no use to anyone but are just looking for excuses) or they'll say "I support Indians too" but when asked "So what are you doing for them?" then they'll say "I mean I agree". The worst thing I ever heard from some Dutch person on youtube was that he "has a lot of respect for Molukkans" (natives in Indonesia, see my "other native projects" page) but when asked what he did to help them he told me that he was "putting up his thumb for them every morning". Comments like almost tend to drive me to sarcasm, they really do.


"It's not enough to be compassionate, you must act"

Check out the native news media


But let's get to the more practical side of this page now, because that is after all something we all want. The first thing to do is gather information. There are many Native American news websites about like Indianz.com, Brenda Norell's blog called Censored News, Indigenous Action Media and Native Action News. However, try to check out the ones that are calling for action that you can act on instead the sites that are merely into news articles.

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