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Political prisoners in the "land of the free"



We, people of "the west" often but mis-takenly believe that human rights are quite safe in our countries, that "no man is convicted untill proven guilty" and that it's only the Arab and communist coun-tries that are violating human rights, because after all, they don't have

Leonard Peltier

that blessed democracy of ours. So we point the finger at China, at Kim Song Il of North Korea, at the Iranian ayatollah's that crack down on protesters with shameless bloodshed. And with all of that repeatedly in the spot light we feel that we don't need

John Graham

to look in our own back yard. But human rights abuses appear all over the world, also in the so-called democracies or what we tend to call the "free world". But in this free world, people want the direcor of Wikileaks, Julian Asange, "executed", though the man never killed a single person in his life. He is accused of "putting the lifes of American soldiers at risk", like the one who sent them to Iraq in the first place didn't do that? Do we now have the tendency to kill the messen-ger of bad news, but true news never-the-less? In the documentary Incident at Oglala, we can hear Bob Robideau saying he fired the shots, yet he was equitted for some vague reason. We can also hear narrator Robert Redford say "No one was ever charged with the killing of Joe Stunz" Apparently the FBI is seen as most important, no matter that they messed up big time at Waco, no matter that the CIA was involved in Watergate, which just shows that being govern-mental bodies doesn't make them infallable or sacred. I've seen a couple of websites making a fuss about the two FBI agents called Coler and Williams, but not many people can judge about what happened there except for the people who were actually there in 1975. Yet no one ever cared to investigate the death of Joe Stunz and there wasn't even a death certificate for him. What, according to the authorities, would make Joe's life less important than that of Coler or Williams that they never even tried to figure out who it was who killed him? And why are people



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