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Is the new age harmless?


by Theo van Rossum
  Here's a video I once made about new age and my own answer to this is "No, it cer-tainly is not at all harmless!" New age is harmful because it wants to alter spiritual tradi-tions and when these spiritual traditions are going to protest against that, they'll say that they're "old fashioned" and need to "go with the times", that "this is the 21st century". But people don't realize how shallow new age actually is. How on earth can you ever be profound if you get involved with too many traditions at the same time? It's a money making business too if you see how much they sometimes dare to charge for their workshops and courses.

Blogspot article on new age

  Altering age old traditions that because of their welltrodden paths and thousands of years of surviving the times will be seriously harmed by it and those who do this don't even have any full understanding of what they're dealing with. Like I saw a woman on youtube, who for just showing how smudging is done, somehow thought she had to specially "dress up as a native", you know, mocassins, fringed buckskin shirt and a feather in her hair. The comments beneath the video were mainly from new age people who found this all wonderful and expressed their intense emotions when attending a workshop or whatever. However, when a real native person turned up in the topic who said she is a fraud because he noticed that she did not acknowledge the eagle feather that she used, he was immediately seen as a spoilsport. The most frequent tactic new agers use to get rid of a criticaster, is by saying things like that there are "negative energies" or "nagative vibrations" present and that this would be disturbing. It is meant to stop the self-proclaimed "expert" to get exposed any further.

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