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    It needs no explanation to most of us that the only original homeland of white people is Europe, even though some white supremacists like to make us believe that also America is (the more than controversial Solutrean Hypothesis) or Japan (by claiming that the Ainu are "causcasian" which has by the way already been refuted). But even then, I see non-white people who perfectly assimilate to our culture as one of us. There really have to be way more important things to worry about in this world than something so competely trivial like race preservation. Skin colour, ethnic background, race, people are just people and in my experience culture and parents are what shapes the individual, not race. There always will be good and bad [people about and I;d like to try and be with the good people.  

Europe: the only original homeland of white people

Ludwig van Beethoven

Anyway, this website was intended to support Native Americans and definitely not any kind of hate groups but I just hope that I made it clear now why I chose not to have any afiliation with European Nationalism. Before the explorations by Marco Polo, Christopher Columbus and James Cook, we Europeans didn't even identify with "white". No, we only identified with either our own tribe or with our nationality which often is still the case. And this is all I wanted to say about this.

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