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  I actually never wanted to write this article, because I hate the very subject, but I feel that I just have to because some people have repeatedly asked me why I don't support European Natives. The answer is quite simple, it is because the very movement that wants to preserve European culture and heritage is either hijacked or erected by White Nationalists, which is reason enough for me not to want to have anything to do with it. Even though I'm not a supporter of multiculturism, I don't like to be around people who hate everything foreign, from food, to islam, jews to any people who are not white. The notorious symbol on the left, derived from the Celtic cross, is a symbol frequently used by the White  
  Nationalist movements and no, there is of course nothing "European" about a movement that uses a phrase like "White Pride World Wide". That sounds way more global than it sounds "European", which is why I believe they only want world wide white hegemony and domination which is absolutely unacceptable in my view. I've seen Americans tell us that Europe should be for white people and also Europeans saying the same thing. Even worse, I've even seen White Nationalists having the cheek to speak on behalf of white people. And this really gets my back up! Where on earth do they get the audacity to think they are a spokesperson for white people? Did white people ever ask for one? Aren't white people just individuals who can form their own opinions? They'd tell me "I can speak for white people because I'm white". Soon after they'd say that they didn't believe I'm white but ok, after all, they cannot see me as it's just the internet but no, I really hate it when anybody wants to speak on my behalf, especially if I don't even agree with him! In general these people hate jews, they hate muslims, they hate liberals, race mixing, blacks etc. so why on earth should I want to support any hate group like that? There is some facade here and there where they try to pose as people who just "love their race" but every time you dig a little deeper you find out how they look down on black people as a rule. Another common facade is telling us they are "racialists"or "racial realists" but never white supremacists which is what they always really are, whether they admit it or not. Whoever argues against them is labeled "anti-white" while simultaneously they have no problem whatsoever with anyone talking bad about black people, even if it includes downright racial slurs. That's more than enough than I need to know.

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