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  Stop the deforestation in Brazil!

  The issue: The Brazilian government wants to change the forestry law which will make the Amazon forest very vulnerable and bound for total destrouction. It will destroy the largest forest on Earth! And of course we cannot let that happen! Worst thing of all is that activists have been murdered. President Dilma Rousseff. Soon indigenous tribes of the Amazon forest will march on a

Sign the

President Dilma Rousseff of Brazil

very large protest throughout Brazil. AN organisation called Avaaz has star-ted a petition for this and we really need all the pressure we can give to have Rousseff decide to veto the new law as she promised to do. The overall majority of Brazilians opposes the new law but if that will be enough for the logging companies not to get their way, we don't know yet, but the des-truction is worrying and especially the murders carried out against peaceful activists. Please sign the petition at Avaaz by clicking on their logo and af-


at AVAAZ! The more signatures the better!

(AVAAZ also have their petitions in many other languages)

ter that send it around to as many people as you can, because this unique forest is irreplacable and we cannot have the natives living there going homeless as a result of that. The petition has an example letter to President Dilma Rousseff.