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  Stop the highway in Bolivia!


The issue: Evo Morales, the first South American indigenous president seems to no longer be living up to his promises to protect native people from developers. Or is it perhaps because Ama-zon people are not Andes people like him? Whatever the reason, he wants to persue a highway throught the Amazon forest, a project that is financed by Brazil and will go right though one of

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of Bolivia's most beautiful national parks, Territorio Indígena y Par-que Nacional Isobor  (Isoboro Indigenous Territory and National Park), also known as TIPNIS. Needless to say that apart from this area being very vulnarable this also is definately a betrayal of indigenous interests, but also a knee-jerking to Brazil, who always had plans for a ahigh through the Amazon, which only shows that having a native presi-dent is no guarantee for serving the inte-rests of native people. And even worse, protesters have been met with police violence, even though Morales left out a statement saying that he could never have ordered police violence against his own people.

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President Evo Morales of Bolivia

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