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Aboriginal Australians


The aborignal people of Australia have experienced countless human rights violations ever since Europeans landed on the continent. The apology by prime minister Kevin Rudd has so far not changed anything to their situation.

  Aboriginal Tent Embassy  



The Ainu People are the aboriginal people of Japan's most northern island Hokkaido. Their rights are still not completely recognized by the Japanese government, So far they have only acknowledged that the Ainu are indeed indigenous.


African Albino's


This is not an ethnic group but albinism is a genetic mutation that occurs worldwide. Even though albino Africans may have some appearance that resembles white people, in fact their skin is much more sensitive than that of healty white people. They are extremely sensitive to sun light, unable to tan and will get dark spots from burns instead and suffer social isolation, especially in Africa, where they sometimes become either outcasts or get murdered because people believe that their body parts have magical properties. A new charity erected in the Netherlands is providing sun cream, sunscreen lotion, hats and protective clothing to these people


Gypsies (Roma & Sinti)


Gypsies, once believed to come from Egypt (hence the name) but now believed to be from India, although not exactly indigenous to Europe, do face ethnic racism which is why I included them. They have been traveling around Europe for hundreds of years already. Yet they are still misunderstood by many and stigmatized as thieves. However they contributed greatly to European culture.


Maluku Islanders


The Moluccans or Maluku Islanders are one of the people who's rights are downtrodden by the Indonesian government. Peaceful displays of nationalism like showing the Moluccan flag have been violently cracked down on by Indonesian soldiers. Kicked, beaten humiliated (having to walk in underwear thorough villages) as the Indonesian government obviously didn't live up to its promise for a free Maluku. Instead they executed their leader at the time. So far the Netherlands, nor any other European country has condemned the human rights violations by Indonesia. Once fighting on the side of the Dutch in their war against Indonesia, these soldiers now reside in the Netherlands and have so far no where else to go.




Vrije Molukse Jongeren




The Papuan people are the indigenous people of New Guinea. Like Indonesia, West Papua was once a Dutch colony. After becoming independent however, Indonesia decided to annex West Papua, thus becoming the new colonials. The Papua are treated very badly by the Indonesian soldiers. Often even murdered. They are very much looked on for walking around "naked".