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The yellow monster

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  by Theo van Rossum

  One of the most dangerous and   hazarddous inventions ever created by   mankind are definitely nuclear weapons   and nuclear power. While in the eighties   there still was a significant opposition   against nuclear power, this now seems to   have faded as now even leftist people are   seeing it as a "solution" to the energy   crisis. I'm actually amazed and appalled   that this is really happening. Nuclear   power is nothing but a dangerous toy over   which we cannot have any control. Yes, I   know what they're saying, that safety has   improved since Harrisburg and Chernobyl   but it will never be really safe. I see it as a   kind of Pandora's box, that if unleashed   will be an uncontrollable hazard to life as   we know it. Moreover, what a lot of people



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  do not seem to realize is that all nuclear power plants can become terrorist and even enemy   targets and unleashed the effect of nuclear weapons, even if hit by conventional bombs. But   that is not even the whole story. Non-proliferation agreements or not, naturally it all starts at   the mining. During the mining of uranium the radioactive count of the mineral increases. That   we're dealing with a very very dangerous mineral here is already obvious in the fact that one   of the pioneers in radioactive research, Madame Curie, died as a result of it. And not only does   radioactivity increase the chances of developing cancer due to damage to DNA, it also appears   to be a magnet to toxic heavy metals like lead and cadmium. Other dangerous hazards are


  nuclear testing sites, sewage in our water systems and last but certainly not   least, the storing of nuclear waste. many people today are suggesting to   store it in underground salt mines. Putting it back where it came from may   seem like a logical thing to do were it not that it's radioactivity count is much   higher than it was before the mining started, so it's already no longer in its   natural state anymore.


The Ugly Truth about Nuclear Power

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