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The Purpose of NDN Support



By Theo van Rossum


As I have so far not been able to find like-minded people to erect a foundation and erecting it appears to be too expensive anyway, I've decided to run this organisation on my own as a non-officially erected one man organisation. I realized that waiting for people to support me is the wrong way to start and I'm sorry for anyone I've let down while doing that. Anyone who wants to join me is still welcome but basically I just want to be doing something now.


I am not seeking donations rigt now and for the time being I'm also not into any charities. I have already explained my opinion about them in my article An Important Note on the Transparancy of Charities. The times that I have been involved in these charities have been a disappointment and have made me rather leery of them. I, and every donor with me I would imagine, want our moneys to really go to the people who need them and we want to see some results. A bottomless pit and a vicious circle really is the last thing that anyone could want, so I have now chosen to be active in the political and activist field only. As the cause of the problems are political, the methods and solutions to these problems need to be political too in my view. As other Dutch organisations apparently shy away from being involved into politics I think there is a need for an organisation like mine is, because if not I might as well have joined any of the other orgs myself. Back in the seventies NANAI used to be into that but today they unfortunately have decided to let go of their previous ideologies. In this present day and age it just seems like activism no longer attracts the masses anymore and some organisations have even become afraid to offend America.


Well, I'm not saying that I'm out to offend anyone, (the article about Piet Heyn shows that I'm willing to ciritcize my own country too) but I also think that some things need to be said and heard either way because staying silent really is the worst that anyone could do!

The Indian Struggle needs a wide platform and that is something I have vowed myself to provide. What I want to be doing are the following:

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