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This page is intended to promote the website of a very brave and worthy cause of an organisation in South Dakota called Takanka Hoksila or the Buffalo Boy Foundation , founded by Mr David M. Sandoz, Jim Cortes and others. I'm doing this because I've heard that their website doesn't receive many hits as yet and that certainly needs to change urgently because the work that these people are doing is very important for the future existence of the Lakota culture.

This culture is threatened by poverty, a lack of interest in it by a majority of the Lakota youth, and many other factors but hopefully this can be somehow turned around one day.  Also health care, an improvement of its economy, education are missions that are embraced by Takanka Hoksila. It needs no explanation but I'll do it anyway that Pine Ridge is one of the poorest Indian reservations in the United States, with a huge unemployment rate, poor housing conditions, harsh winters, high suicide rate, poor health care etc. In spite of all the organisations, American and European that support Pine Ridge the living conditions are still very bad out there. I cannot bring this enough to your attention. Please do support trustworthy organisations like Tatanka Hoksila and never donate money to any tribal government.

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