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The Mexican identity



The Mexican Constitution is different from the American one, because the American Constitution was intitially only written for white people. The Mexican Constitution actually states that Mexico is a multi-cultural country where all ethnic identities and languages are legal. Mexica does not have any Indian reservations, with the exception of some US reser-vations that extend into Mexican territory. According to anthro-pologists and paleontologists in National Geographic, Mexicans take pride in their Aztec heritage, and

The Mexican flag


more so with them than with the Mayans as the Aztec empire only existed within Mexico, where the Mayan empire also extended into Guatemala, Honduras, Belize and El Salavador. This special pride is also visible in the name of the country Mexico, named after the Mexica (pronounce meshika) which is what the Aztecs called themselves in their Nahuatl language, and in the national flag of Mexico, which is unique for having a native symbol on it that cannot be found in any other country in the Americas. An eagle landing on a cactus with a snake in its beak.  


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