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Remember AIM?



This is a question that is especially addres-sing non-indian people. For obvious reasons we don't have any need to ask Indian people about this because they know that AIM, the American Indian Movement, is still very much alive and kicking, believe it or not. Yes, it somehow disappeared from the public eye since the occupations and other headline making activities back in the seventies where the occupation of the BIA office in Washing-ton DC was the most prominent of them all. The seventies were a time with a lot of turbulent events taking place like the stand


off at Wounded Knee (1973) and the killing of two FBI agents and Joe Stunz (a young Indian), the occupation of Alcatraz (1969-1971), occupation of Mount Rushmore (1970), occupation of the BIA office (1969), occupation of the Mayflower replica at Thanksgiving (1971), and the murder of Anne Mae Pictou Aquash (1975). Events that are even effecting the lives of people to this very day as can be seen in the trials and persecutions of John Graham and Leonard Peltier. All these events got world attention at the time. It was also the time where marlon Brando refused his Oscar but reclined to talk about it later and a rockband called Redbone who's fa-mous song "We were all wounded at Wounded Knee" hit the European charts in western Euro-pean countries while simultaneoulsy being banned from performing in the states and being boycotted by American radio stations. Sadly however, Redbone's popularity in Europe wasn't





really all that helpful considering the fact that it's in America itself that things need to change and brought to the public's attention and that still is major problem today. There is a general sense of denial and the Indian websites are probably hardly ever read by non-indians. But it's the non-indians we need to make a change, because Indian people are overwhel-mingly outnumbered as one of the smallest minorities in North America and the land that belongs to them is still crying out for justice.

Joe Stunz, a victim of the Wounded Knee stand off that non-indian America doesn't care to talk about

AIM lost a very good leader with Anne Mae.

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