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Racism today


  by Theo van Rossum

  I don't think I need to tell anyone   that racism in our day and age is   still not a thing of the past and   that mankind is quite a slow   learner if learning at all. Wooden   negroes were once quite common   in Europe as well as in America,   and are no longer seen as   acceptable, so why are wooden   Indians? Not only that, Seinfeld   fans even seem to find it okay to   make fun of them, and this with   the already bad reputation of   "comedian" Michael (Kramer)   Richards when addressing black   people in one of his one man   "comedy" shows.

Jerry Seinfeld and his cigar store Indian

  Also, just because not enough people object to it or express their concerns, doesn't make

  cartoons like Bugs Bunny okay or   acceptable. I guess people fail to see the   racism somehow, don't think about it or   think it wouldn't be broadcasted if it wasn't   ok. Well, actually there is already a very   long history of racism in cartoons and in   comics and it doesn't end with Bugs Bunny   there. The famous bunny just stands out in   this pretty much by making fun of negroes,   Indians etc. by pretending to be the ever   smart bunny who outwits other characters   shamelessly misrepresented as dumbies.

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