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On the defense of activism


  I've noticed that there are people around who like to attack activism. What their motivation is, I really don't know but they do it nevertheless. Very often they are conservative right-wingers even though activism isn't by far exclusively leftist. In fact, activism by right-wingers has never been as strong as since US president Barak Obama took office, which the Tea Party proves. Actually I have always been quite surprised at how much Liberals are under attack in America because over here in Europe Liberals have quite a good standing and it is simply accepted as a political opinion. Not so in America though where some haters like Michael Savage have even gone as far as proclaiming that Liberalism is a "mental disorder". In Europe he would have been sued over
this, I'm sure. But the man is right now very upset about the fact that he is not welcome in Britain. A persona non grata for hate speech and well-deserved too. So in the US, to much of my surprise, leftist people are portrayed as basically stupid and, as these pictures show below, not in the most refined kind of ways either. And how people can look down on the "bleeding heart" is also something that puzzles me. But is there anything good at all to say about a heart of
  stone then? There are just people who care about people, no matter what their nationality, gender, age, ethnic background, religion or whatever, and those who only care about their own family and next of kin. To those the world doesn't matter outside the 9 to 5 job, the kids, the television and the holi-days. We all make our personal choices but just don't talk down on people who do show a good heart to the world.

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