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Whether Indians have real sovereignty really remains to be seen. Let us not forget that reservation have never been erected to serve as "Indian territory"(isn't all of America supposed to be Indian territory?) to begin with as they were given land that nobody else wanted and neither white people nor Indians were interested in these lands, be it that the Indians were given no choice. Unsuitable for either farming or hunting. If people keep insisting there is real sovereign-ty, then why the fuss about the sales of cigarettes by tribes and even arrests being

made? Why are so may project started by Indians frustrated by American officials? And even more significant, why do we have Indian agents? Indians are sometimes pretty much left in peace as long as no gold, oil, uranium or coal are found on their reservation. Whenever that happens, nobody really seems to care about jurisdiction, sovereignty or anything else. Which explain why there has been this enormous decline of reservations and even the size of reservations since 1850, all thanks to Manifest Destiny. so sorry, once tribal governments can operate completely independently without interference federal authorities deciding on who is Indian by Dawes Act and blood quantums, and the BIA can be run by Indian representatives instead of federal "Indian agents" I might start to believe in it but so far this is not happening.

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