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Making fun of cultures or religion is not ok!


  By Theo van Rossum

  To some this statement may go   without saying, but today there are   many who say that "religion does not   deserve any respect at all". I've heard   some die hard atheists actually say   that, believe it or not. But even

  though many atheists claim that religion (usually their main   target is organised religion) is responsible for genocide and   violence in the world, this is not entirely true. Also political   and non-religious ideologies like communism, fascism and   anarchism have committed atrocious violent acts... Bader   Meinhoff, ETA, Pol Pot, Mao Zedong, Pinochet, Hitler,   Mussolini, Stalin... they all should be included when it comes   to carrying responsibility for acts of violence and harbouring   and spreading destructive and hateful ideas. I disagree with   the idea that religion deserves no respect but I think that   there should be limitations to the respect religion should   have because if we don't restrict it then homosexuals will be   thrown of rooftops, witches and heretics will be burned at the   stake once again and adulterers be stoned to death. It was   not ok for Christians to want to rule the earth, force pagans   into submission and persecute heretics and it is also not ok   for Islamic imams to say that the unbelievers are dogs.



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