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  It's time for the REAL history

  By Theo van Rossum


  Yes, it's time for the REAL history, which will eventually mean   the REWRITING of history. Now, a term like "rewriting history"   can of course cause some misunderstandings here like that   people can think I want to change history to fit my own   agenda or something of that nature. But that's of course not   what I meant. History cannot be changed but what can be   changed is the biased and outdated prejudice, the   inaccuracies and the one-sided view on history. As the history   of America involved more than just white people, it is only fair   that also the opinions and accounts of others are heard, be   them Native Americans, Africans, Asians as well as   Europeans. People claiming that the US was built by whites   are really overlooking the contributions of others, like black   slaves and the Chinese who have been working on the rail   roads. This necessary rewriting can be a sensitive matter to   some people as more often than not chauvinism gets in the   way of that.


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