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Is anyone blaming white people?


  This question is not as odd as it may seem because even some of my own Indian friends are making an anti-white remark now and then. Up to a point this is of course understandable because there is a history of anti-indian policies, there still are underhanded anti-indian treatments by authorities and companies and there still to this day exists racism against Indian people, ranging from unfair and discriminating treatment in stores to name calling. Without becoming an apologist for white people I can however understand that white people can think "Wait a minute, I'm not Custer, I'm not Sheridan or Columbus? Why make me responsible?" No, of course we're not these people. And there is no personal responsiblity, there is only a moral responsiblity. Why is that? It's because we are still benefiting from the stealing of the recources and the enslavement of these peoples in former colonies to this very day. The unequal and discriminating treatments of certain ethnic groups still exist. If however none of us is trying to do something

  John Wayne, the eternal American hero of the Myth of the West

back for these people or speak out against the anti-indian, anti-african treatments then eventually we will become personally responsible for that. For too long in history books, comics and Hollywood westerns Indians have been portrayed as savages and white people as heroes, but the mythical images are fantasy, even propanda. The real Wyatt Earp wasn't really the hero is is made out to be.

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