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  Hidden injustice

  by Theo van Rossum

 I have touched this subject before when I wrote about   "The invisible Indian" but now I want to discuss why  the   Indian has been made invisble but to those with a keen   observation this should already be obvious. Because   instead of taking full responsiblity for their actions the   American governments (yes plural, not just the United   States) have secretly decided to make the Indians   disappear like they never existed and turn them into   museum pieces. And you know what it is with a museum   piece, it can't talk back anymore. It cannot say "Hey,   what you just said about us is wrong". No, instead their   voices with be silenced forever and no one else than the   museum staff and the history teacher is going to speak   from then on so who cares about the truth anymore?

  To those who want to erase a very embarassing history it's of   course more than convenient to put the American Indian in nice   little boxes of education so we can say anything we like about   our own fabricated truth. This is not to say that the Indian race   will have disappeared but that the Indians of the future will   cease to be real Indians, meaning that the assimilation will now   be complete and they've turned 100% Americans like the   government wants them to be. No connection to any ancestors   anymore, to the land or to the tradtitions. It will be the Carlisle   objective made complete to "kill the Indian and save the man".   Save him from what? Or is it to save us from an embarassing   past? Like medieval people can no longer talk back or Egyptian   mummies can no longer talk back and correct what we're saying   about them today, so will in the future the Indian meet the same   fate.

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