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Did Christopher Columbus discover America?

  The first voyage of Christopher Columbus (Hispaniola is now called Haiti). The Pinta was one of the ships that was used.


Originally Columbus was supposed to find a new route to India. He was to arrive at the Japane-se islands first and then travel through China towards India but maybe he got too impatient for his new discovery of India that he already thought he was there. Apparently though he had ne-ver been there but never the less he started to call the natives Indios (Indians). Others howe-ver claim that he called them Indios because they were so well-behaved and friendly and that Indio would therefore mean "in Dio" or "in God", but that is a mystery that will probably never be solved. I don't even want to get into the "the Vikings were there before him" debate be-cause apparently these Vikings didn't stay very long and the Europeans obviously forgot all about it after. The thing is that Columbus himself never set foot in America, and only visited some islands like Haiti (then Hispaniola) and Cuba (then El Salvador: not the confuse with the

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