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Canada, the country where the Indian struggle has way too much of a low profile. Mysterious Canada, where we hardly even hear about. How many people know that in April 2011 the Canadian cabinet fell over a drinking water problem with First Nations, and there were going to be new elections? How many people in this world actually know who Canada's prime minis-ter is while everybody knows Obama? How come that on any map of North America the Indian reservations ("reserves" in Canada) suddenly disappear on the Canadian side, i.e. not indica-ted? How come that when I google these reserves all the AANDC or Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada/Affaires Autochtones et Développement du Nord Cana-da (the equivalent of the American BIA), all it will do is name the reserves and in which state they are located, which is quite something else than an actual location. No details, nothing. But if I google Indian reservations in the USA, all the details are there: location, map, size, employment rate, everything you want to know. We can say about the BIA anything we want, but at least they are way more open than their Canadian counterpart. CNN doesn't show any interest. Things happening in the US are 10 times more likely to get global attention than anything in Canada, while Canada is also quite a large country on the world map. So whene-ver I want to know about Canada I need to consult native news sources, but unfortanately they are no mainstream, and mainstream is what we need to have people informed.

(Will be continued)

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