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Brazilians and the Amazon

    The first time I heard about the attitude that many Brazilians take about the Amazon forest was when I read about Dutch biologist and Amazon explorer Marc van Roosmalen and the dangers he was facing after suggesting to the Brazilian government to make the Amazon world heritage. After that I experienced this myself when debating Brazilians underneath youtube video's about the Amazon and particularly the Belo Monte Dam, so let me take the opportunity here to once and for all (I hope) debunk their weird statements as often expressed by them. I'm not saying by the way that ALL Brazilians act like this, only that I came across this attitude quite frequently so far and this therefore needs to be addressed:  


Raoni Metuktire (Kayapo/Xingu chief) pleaded to two-faced French president Nicolas Sarkozy but to no avail.



Common claims made by Brazilians:


1. "The Amazon belongs to Brazil and only to Brazil"

Truth is: the LARGEST PART of the Amazon is in Brazil. Why forget about countries like French Guyana, Suriname, British Guyana, Venezuela, Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia, Urugay and Paraguay? Everything happening in the Brazilian part of the Amazon will effect them too. And if the Amazon is so exclusively Brazilian, why then has Brazilian FUNAI been flying over Peru in small planes in order to prove to the Peruvian authorities that uncontacted tribes DO exist, which was frequently denied by Peru? FUNAI is doing good work here, but it proves that the Amazon forest is not an exclusive Brazilian issue so therefore we shouldn't treat is such either.

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