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  Sorry Day Australia 2008 Feb 13

  Some websites are presenting   apologies to native peoples as good   news, but are they really? It started   in 2008, with the apology by Kevin   Rudd, prime minister of Australia, to   the the vicitms of the Stolen   Generation. He was speaking words   of reconsiliation and working   together but only a year after it   appeared that Australia's Labour   government was getting even   thougher and more patronizing   towards aboriginal peoples than   ever before. This crackdown in Alice   Springs and other places wasn't so   willingly broadcasted to the world by   Australia like the "Sorry Day" was   for obvious reasons. Sadest thing is   that the "sorry day celebrations"   and the happy faces and euphorism   of the time has been replaced by

  bitter disappointment and disenchantment over the empty and hollow promises. This is just part one of his long speech. For anyone who wants to see part two, double click on the video and it will take you to the YouTube website. It was long and eleborate and broadcasted all over the world and the world never knew what happened after  and how the wool was pulled over everybody's faces with these lies expressed by the Australian government.

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