by Theo van Rossum

My organisation doesn't want to be involved in anything disrespectful towards the people that are supposed to be helped. This means that I don't want to be involved in new age, in the promotion of hemp and cannabis, the "drumming for Mother Earth" gatherings, sweat lodges and other forms of playing Indians. Fully grown people are no longer supposed to play Indians in any way. I also don't want to get involved in any christian missions. Surely it is perfectly ok to help Indians as a christian and be inspired by christian-based compassion to do so, but this  doesn't mean that we have a right to impose our religions on anyone else and


think they need Jesus, just because it happened to have changed our lives. I'm not a christian myself and don't even believe in God, but I'm pretty much spiritual nevertheless. The main point I want to make is this, when people are outnumbered and only a small minority of the population, and are therefore dependent on outside help, it is hard to say no to any help being offered. Do not assume that what you do is

  always the kind of help they wish for, even if they don't say it. But is always a good thing to ASK what kind of help they wish to get. And maybe it is even better to call it
support instead of help. Of course, if not enough people care, the choices for the needy tend to get rather limited as a result, but still they have a right to their own personal and cultural pride, so therefore we are not to take advantage of that and be patronising in any way. We are not better than others and our culture is not in any way higher evolved than any other culture. Actually, what I'd like to strive for as an end to the vicious circle of dependence by Indians on charities, and the reoccurring winter aid emergency calls. If people in the cold of Scandinavia are able to live in good conditions in the winter time, then why not Indians? Why do 250,000 utility poles fall down in South Dakota by blizzards? Why aren't the electricity cables underground where they are not effected by snow storms? Why do American states not provide for Indians? Why are Americans telling me not to "stick my nose in their business"aand it is "not my concern" when they?
  themselves are obviously not much concerned? Why do people keep thinking that the Indians are doing ok today "because they have their casino's", not knowing the reality of the casino thing? Or why do people think that the bad times for Indians were "only in the past"? This website is trying its best to put an end to all this ignrance but it is not easy when I come across people who think that I'm wrong about this or at least brainwashed or don't know what I'm talking about. However, I believe that the Indian contacts that I have are intelligent people who have educated me in a good way and have done their own research as well. If anyone thinks that I am wrong in what I say on this website, feel free to let me know by clicking on the e-mail icon on the home page.
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